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List your insurance agency or search agencies for sale at NO COST as a complementary service from Oak Street Funding’s® Agency Exchange. We provide the marketplace where people look to buy an agency or sell an agency.

We have provided insurance agency loans in 46 states and have a large national network with agents and brokers of all sizes.


Fund Your Agency Acquisition

Get a loan to acquire an agency, grow your insurance business, invest in technology, pay off business debt, hire top producers or employees – without risking your customers or control of your business.

If you’re a buyer, finding the right agency and then integrating it into an existing company can be challenging. And if you’re selling, attracting the right buyer is critical. Take advantage of these and other resources that can help you buy or sell an agency.

OSF Webinar: Tax Implications Webinar – Jon Persky

Oak Street Funding Webinar – How to Prepare Your Agency for Sale

Oak Street Funding Webinar – Deal Origination: The Art of Locating the Right Deal for You!

Q&A: Buying an Agency

We hear and read about best practices for successful agency mergers and acquisitions, but what is the real story? How can you truly satisfy the expectations of buyers and sellers and ensure a smooth transaction? Mel Clemmons of SAMM Consulting, a leader in insurance sales, mergers and acquisitions, addresses key aspects of acquisitions.

M&A Tips

The Realities of Selling to a Large Organization

If you’re an agency owner who is looking to buy or sell an agency, you need to be aware of how larger organizations, including aggregators, impact M&A deals. As a seller, determining which buyer will closely align with your financial goals and future vision for your agency, employees and clients may largely depend on the size of the buyer and its M&A philosophy.


"The staff at Oak Street are very knowledgeable about regional insurance markets, agency financial models and the acquisition process. They specialize in a niche market and really understand the ins and outs of acquiring and perpetuating an insurance agency."


— Matt from Florida

"After identifying an agency to buy, we struggled for months to find a lender who could get us the necessary funds to complete the purchase. Most lenders said that our balance sheet was weak and it would be hard to lend, so we packed it in and went to Oak Street. They [Oak Street] understood our business from the start and were able to get us the funds to complete the acquisition in record-time."


— Anthony & Ryan from New York

"When I contacted Oak Street about funding an agency acquisition, they blew my bankers away in terms of knowing the business. Traditional lenders didn’t understand the commission process and their multiples weren’t realistic, so choosing Oak Street was a no-brainer."


— John from Kentucky

"While most lenders require substantial tangible assets to secure a loan, Oak Street helped us finance an acquisition using the seller’s book of business as collateral. We came to terms in less than 60 days – the process couldn’t have been easier. I’d recommend Oak Street to any principal who wants to buy another agency."


— Bob from Florida

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